How Much To Rent A Wood Chipper


Do you need to trim trees on your property, but aren’t sure how to handle the debris?

Consider renting a wood chipper!

A wood chipper makes quick work of tree limbs and lets you use the resulting woodchips for other home improvement projects like walkways and mulch for your planters.

The cost to rent a chipper pays off because, in return, you receive loads of free material to improve the look and functionality of your property. You also avoid the chore of hauling tree limbs to the dump!

In this quick guide, I discuss the cost of renting a wood chipper, the best way to locate a rental facility, and the top things you need to consider before renting.

With a little knowledge, you’ll be more confident you’re renting the right wood chipper for your needs at the best price possible!

Wood Chipper Rental Prices

Buying and storing an expensive wood chipper for occasional projects is silly. Renting a wood chipper isn’t exactly cheap but, it’s way more cost-effective than buying if you only need it once every year or two.

So, how much should it cost to rent a wood chipper?

I found prices vary among regions across the country, but on average the cost for rentals is as follows:

  • Per day/$100-$150
  • Per week/$300-$500
  • Per month/$800-$1200

Prices also vary depending on the chipping capacity of the unit. Less costly machines may only handle one-inch or smaller branches, while others can handle six-inch limbs or more and come with a higher rental price.

If you have a big tree clearing project, take note that the longer you rent a chipper, the cheaper the per-day cost becomes.

Locally-owned shops tend to be more willing to give discounts for long-term rentals than chain home-improvement store locations.

The last cost you need to figure when renting a wood chipper is the fuel to run it. Most chippers run on gas or diesel, with rental companies expecting you to furnish the fuel yourself.

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Where To Rent A Wood Chipper

Like most people today, I began my wood chipper rental search online.

I found national home improvement chains that state they rent wood chippers. But, when I type in my zip code, there weren’t showing any available.

I thought perhaps it was a regional thing, so I put in zip codes around the country. I got similar results, which was frustrating!

I also found that well-known tool and equipment rental stores offer wood chippers but want you to fill in an online form. Then you need to wait for them to get back to you with availability and pricing. Ugh!

My conclusion? Trying to rent a wood chipper through an online website is nearly impossible!

So, heed my advice and gather the store phone number of local equipment rental companies and call them directly.

Talking to an employee is the fastest way to find out if they have wood chippers available, and if so, what sizes they offer. You can ask questions and get the answers you need right away!

Top Things To Consider Before Renting

Shredding Blowing Woodchips

Before you call rental companies to inquire about a wood chipper, gather some notes about these topics below.

Doing so allows the rental company to provide you with the correct size and type of wood chipper for your needs.

Size Of Limbs

What is the largest diameter of tree limb you’ll be cutting down? Are most of your branches thick, or just a few?

You may wish to get a smaller, less expensive chipper to handle the majority of your debris and get out the chainsaw to cut up that one extra-large branch into firewood.

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You could also get the largest chipper available, so all your debris fits without worry.

It’s smart to pay for the right size chipper capacity, so your job gets done fast with no limbs left behind!

Types Of Chippers

If you plan to re-use the wood chips for landscaping, look into the type of chips each model of wood chipper can produce.

A drum chipper can handle large loads but produces a mish-mosh of chip sizes.

A disk chipper is best for thinner branches but puts out nicely uniform chips.

A wood chipper/shredder makes chips or you can let woody debris fall into a flail section which allows the spinning blades to shred the material. This option is ideal for small, leafy branches you wish to turn into mulch and large branches you want to chip.

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How long you need the chipper?

Did you already trim your trees and have a pile waiting to go through the chipper?

Do you have several days worth of trimming on the schedule and want to remove debris each day?

Don’t waste the cost of a wood chipper rental by dragging it home and not being ready to use it immediately.

Nothing is worse than having to pay for extra days that you could avoid if you took the time to plan better.


Wood chippers are no joke. They are a seriously dangerous piece of machinery, and it’s imperative you know how to use it properly.

Renting an unfamiliar machine is risky. Listen carefully to instructions and tips from the rental company, and read all instructions that come with the unit.

Never let children or pets near the equipment at any time. Wear appropriate safety equipment, like eyewear protection.

I’ll admit there is something quite satisfying about watching all those tree branches disappear into a pile of chips.

Don’t let yourself get mesmerized by the process, stay alert!

In Summary

A wood chipper is extremely useful for homeowners who want to avoid the hassle of dealing with cut tree limbs when cleaning up their property.

Stop hauling those branches to the dump and turn that debris into free mulch, compost, or walkways. This issue is especially real for homeowners who live in areas where they don’t allow open burns or yard-waste garbage pickup.

Now you know how much to rent a wood chipper should be per day, week, or month. Once you find a nearby rental store, you can explain your needs and bring home the best wood chipper to complete your project fast!

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