About Justin Micheal And BackyardDigs

I’m Justin Micheal, the creator of BackyardDigs, where you will find a wide variety of backyard topics to help you transform and maintain a beautiful backyard.

Of course, what that means may be very different from person to person.

Why BackyardDigs.com?

digging garden soil

Friends and family members usually describe their backyards as:

  • Unsightly – Due to neglect, pets, or animals.
  • Wasted space – It’s just there, no plans.
  • Project for the future – No time or consider it too much work.

Sound familiar? Don’t worry!

BackyardDigs Helps You:

  • Grow an AMAZING Garden – Whether it is growing healthy Flowers, Plants, Fruits or vegetables.
  • Design Your Dream Backyard – Ideas from ponds to patios so you can relax and enjoy it!
  • Take Care Of Your Space – Lawn care, landscaping, composting, and keeping things tidy.

My team and I do all of this through easy to follow text, pictures, and sometimes videos to help demonstrate what to do.

We sometimes suggest products to assist your efforts, but these are never sponsored, and we write through personal experiences and/or curated well-researched reviews.

We do not accept free or sponsored products. We are non-biased in our reviews and suggestions.

Meet The Team

Justin Micheal

I grew up with my sister, and each week, we would spend multiple afternoons and evenings at Grandma’s house. She had beautiful flowers all around her house with a large vegetable garden and rock garden in the backyard.

There wasn’t much to do at Grandma’s aside from watching her soap operas on TV, so we would play in the garden. We would chase bugs, dig up worms, and try to eat random vegetables.

However, Grandma was always watching.

We could see a single bright red tomato among the greenery. Just as we made our way to the tall caged vines of tomatoes, you could hear a window slide open.

“Leave that alone!” Grandma would shout in a stern voice. Disaster averted, but later on, we would get scolded for stepping on freshly planted seeds.

Over the years, I learned more about how she made those towering plants from tiny seeds, and she taught me how to care for them. I was even able to have a section to plant anything I desired, right next to the compost pile at the far back of the property.

Her neighbors would always comment about Grandma’s green thumb and how beautiful her yard looked in the back. And I observed her backyard change many times, including the addition of a large patio deck for BBQing.

Her lawn was always green and trimmed perfectly, the flower beds looked as if they were professionally kept, and her cooking with fresh vegetables from the garden is something I’ll always remember!

With the knowledge that I’ve learned from my Grandma and the lessons from my mistakes, I believe it can be of value to you. I hope to help you create wonderful memories in your backyard space.


Writing about all of these topics alone is an almost impossible feat. So I sometimes enlist the help of contributors from around the world to offer their experiences and write detailed, well-researched articles.

Typically these authors have extensive hands-on experience or a specialist background (such as horticulture in the case of gardening topics).

We respect that some of our contributors wish to remain anonymous. We take the privacy and safety of our readers and writers extremely seriously. However, for those who want to be recognized, you may find a contributors name under an article’s title or mention within the article itself.

We do not accept guest posts, sponsored or otherwise. It’s just too hard for us to edit and verify the information from so many requests.

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