5 Best Garden Scooters In 2022


The constant up-and-down as you pull weeds or plant flowers is exhausting and sometimes painful.

A rolling garden scooter can be a great addition to your gardening shed, which can help alleviate bodily strain as you garden.

To help you find the best garden scooter for your needs, I put together this buying guide, where I review the five best rolling garden scooters, explain why you need one, and point out features to watch out for.

Best Garden Scooters

Vertex Garden Rocker Rolling Comfort Seat

Deluxe Garden Rocker Rolling Work Seat with Comfort Cushion and Patented Rocking Wheels Stool Cart |Made in USA | Model GB1321

Top Features

  • Better On Your Back
  • Exceptional Rolling Comfort
  • Height Adjustable Seat On Wheels
  • Made In USA

Our Review

The Vertex Garden Rocker Rolling garden scooter is made with comfort in mind and features patented rocking wheels that remain stable while also creating more freedom of movement.

The molded seat swivels 360-degrees with a shape that feels comfortable, even after hours of use. The seat’s height is adjustable, so it can be set for different sizes of people to reach higher or lower garden tasks easily.

I appreciate how compact this scooter is, which means it takes up less storage space.


  • Ergonomic design
  • Lightweight construction makes it easy to carry
  • Easy to keep clean with a hose
  • Large, solid-surface seat is comfortable
  • Size and shape make it a versatile stool for use outside the garden
  • Affordable price can fit most budgets


  • Height adjustment is limited
  • Angled tires may feel too “rocky” for people with balance issues
  • Plastic construction may not hold up under heavy weight
  • Wheels do not swivel, so turns have to be done manually

Bottom Line

I put the Vertex Garden Rocker first on this list because the scooter is comfortable and compact. This sturdy rolling garden seat is best for homeowners who not only need an excellent garden aid to reduce stress on knees and joints, but for any kind of seated chores like painting or car detailing.

Gorilla Carts Rolling Garden Scooter

Gorilla Carts GCG-RGS Heavy-Duty Steel Rolling Lawn, Yard, and Garden Scooter Cart w/ Tool Holder and Bucket Caddy, Blue

Top Features

  • Swiveling Seat With Adjustable Heights
  • No-Flat Tires
  • Rust-Resistant Hardware
  • Seat Handles

Our Review

The Gorilla Carts rolling garden scooter gets top marks for the adjustable-height seat that pivots in any direction, so you don’t have to keep repositioning the cart.

The solid-steel construction can hold up to 400 pounds and can withstand the elements with rust-resistant hardware. The no-flat tires are big, so they roll across most terrain with no issues.

The handy steering handle and single front-wheel design help you make even sharp turn effortless.

This garden scooter has handy storage options so you can hold your garden implements as well as your phone, drinks, or sunglasses.

There are handles on both sides of the seat where you can hook tools, a center-bar fabric holder with pockets, and a place in the rear where you bungee on a bucket to hold weeds, mulch, or plants.


  • Stability and maneuverability puts less stress on your body while gardening
  • Strong all-steel construction for long-term use
  • Large, no-flat tires will save you time and money
  • 360-degree swivel seat and height adjustability increase ease-of-use
  • Angled handles on the seat can give you a boost when standing


  • Seat can get uncomfortable over time without an additional cushion
  • Heavy, so it can be hard for some people to pick up and move manually

Bottom Line

The Gorilla Carts garden scooter is a fantastic choice for any homeowner with lots of planter beds to tend to who wants an affordable, high-quality gardening tool.

Peach Tree Rolling Garden Cart

Peach Tree Garden Cart Rolling Work Seat with Tool Tray Heavy Duty Scooter Gardening Planting

Top Features

  • Rust-Resistant & Waterproof
  • Full Rotation & Easy Mobility
  • Seat Is Height Adjustable

Our Review

The Peach Tree Rolling Garden Cart by Kinsunny features a heavy-duty steel frame and beefy wheels that can hold up under the stress of constant use.

This scooter can hold up to 300-pounds while remaining sturdy and comfortable. The contours built into the seat help hold you in position, so you don’t have to worry about sliding off.

I like the four smooth-rolling wheels that glide over most terrain with no issues and provide a very stable base as you bend and reach while working.


  • Super-solid steel construction, even on the axles, provides reliable performance without fear of breaks or warping
  • Steering handle doubles for pulling the scooter to the work location
  • Full seat rotation and ample height adjustment improve usage through different tasks
  • Tough powder-coat finish resists rust, so the cart stays looking nice longer
  • Large storage tray and rear basket keeps plenty of gardening implements at hand


  • Handle can get in the way when trying to move about
  • Takes up more storage space than other model garden scooters
  • Assembly can be complicated and time-consuming

Bottom Line

I make the Peach Tree Rolling Garden Cart a top selection for the overall design that’s best for homeowners who want a stable, easy to pull and turn scooter that can hold plenty of supplies and support a lot of weight.

Sunnydaze Rolling Garden Cart Scooter

Sunnydaze Rolling Garden Cart with Work Seat, Basket, and Tray

Top Features

  • Made From Heavy Duty Powder Coated Steel
  • 300 Pound Weight Capacity
  • 1-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

Our Review

The Sunnydaze Rolling Garden Cart Scooter offers convenient features like a fully-swiveling seat and a storage tray and basket, so you can keep all your gardening tools in one place.

The fat pneumatic tires roll over gravel, dirt, and grass with no worries of bogging down. The air in the tires also offers extra “cushion” between you and the ground as you’re working. The stainless steel body deters rust and damage, so your investment lasts longer.

I like the lightweight frame that makes it easy to carry if necessary, yet can support up to 300 pounds without breaking. The size and shape also make it convenient to use for other household chores like painting or to clean out low cabinets or shelving.


  • Lightweight for easy movement, yet durable for long-lasting performance
  • Comfortable design, with 360-degree swiveling seat
  • Large height adjustability, for more versatility to tackle different chores
  • No large front steering handle allows you to move about more freely
  • Two storage areas to hold supplies reduces trips to the shed or garage


  • Have to improvise your own handle if you want to pull it to your work area
  • Plastic storage tray is a bit flimsy
  • Possible issues with front axle weakness under very heavy weight

Bottom Line

The Sunnydaze Rolling Garden Scooter is a top choice for the four wheels that create more stability and ample tool storage. This scooter is best for homeowners looking for a reasonably-priced rolling seat to eliminate strain while tending to their yard and garden.

Pure Garden Garden Cart Rolling Scooter

Pure Garden 82-VY021 Garden Cart Scooter with Seat, 17.5x19, Midnight

Top Features

  • The Lightweight Materials
  • Durable Plastic Construction Of The 4 Wheels
  • Tool Tray Underneath The Seat

Our Review

The Pure Garden Rolling Scooter offers one of the roomiest and easy-access trays for tool storage or to carry a flower or vegetable flat for planting.

The stainless steel frame can hold up to 200 pounds without fear of damage. The solid plastic tires don’t need air, so you never have to worry about getting a flat.

I like the simplicity of this garden scooter that provides a basic rolling seat without any fancy features for those times when you want the convenience of sitting while carrying out general gardening duties.


  • Distance between tray and bottom of seat allows room for taller items like plants
  • Four wheels provide stability to reduce chance of tipping cart over
  • Very lightweight for easy transport and storage
  • No-flat, chunky tires roll smoothly and offer a deep tread for more traction
  • Long-lasting stainless steel framing can handle being left out in the elements


  • Seat doesn’t swivel or offer height adjustment, nor do front wheels turn
  • No handle, so you must push or carry cart to location you desire

Bottom Line

The Pure Garden rolling scooter deserves to make our top picks because of the no-nonsense design that delivers on storage space, comfort, and durability at an affordable price point. This tool is best for homeowners who only do occasional gardening or other tasks where a basic rolling scooter will suffice.

Do You Really Need A Rolling Garden Scooter?

Even the youngest and most spry gardeners find all the bending, kneeling, stooping, and squatting necessary to complete yard work or tend to a vegetable garden very tiresome.

For most people, I have to say yes, you do! Once I began using a garden scooter, it became clear that I could have avoided putting undue stress on my body.

Any of the scooters I review above can help reduce strain while gardening, and the bonus is that you’ll find the cart is also handy to use for many other projects around the home.

If you are older, have mobility issues, or suffer from back, hip, knee, or other joint pain, trying to accomplish any gardening can be nearly impossible due to stress and pain.

Being able to comfortably sit while working outdoors takes the strain off your lower body and allows you to carry out functions that may be difficult otherwise.

When you go one step further and turn that low stool into a seat that rolls and pivots, you have one of the best gardening helpers around, no matter what your age or physical condition.

When you own a rolling garden scooter you no longer need to crawl around, crouch, and suffer while:

  • Pulling weeds
  • Planting flowers or vegetables
  • Watering
  • Pruning plants and bushes
  • Painting
  • Detailing or working on autos
  • Cleaning low areas of house or garage

When you use a rolling garden seat, you can extend the time you can spend beautifying your yard, harvesting crops from your garden, and enjoying fresh air and sunshine.

A cart gives people with joint damage or muscle weakness a chance to get back to activities they had to put aside because it was too painful or difficult to stand for long periods.

A cart allows you to sit and then roll along as you tend to chores so you can avoid continual up and down movements that can be rough on people with balance issues.

The best part is that rolling garden carts offer trays, caddies, or baskets to hold gardening implements so you can keep everything you need within easy reach.

Things To Watch Out For

Garden scooters need to withstand the weight of a person and still operate smoothly by offering certain features and quality construction and design like these below.


If you only plan to run your scooter in a straight line, having a seat that swivels may not be a top priority.

For everyone else, look for a seat that can swivel 360-degrees, which extends your range of motion without needing to move the scooter frame.

A flat seat will not be as comfortable to sit on over several hours as a contoured seat. Molded seats also hug your bottom to decrease the chance you’ll slide off. Feeling secure will reduce the stress on your body and mind so that you can focus on your work.

Lastly, seats with holes won’t collect rainwater and feel cooler while working since they allow air circulation. But, if the holes are large, it can become uncomfortable.

A solid-surface seat feels better, but you can also add a cushion (if your garden scooter does not come with one) to any seat for more comfort.

Tires And Wheels

For optimal movement over any type of terrain, fat, rubber pneumatic tires offer a smooth ride and some give that decreases shock when passing over hard objects.

The downside of rubber tires is the chance they could deflate, which creates a hassle to fill with air or maybe even replace entirely.

Plastic tires remove the worry of getting a flat but can crack over time, especially if you leave your cart outside where sun, rain, and cold can weaken the material.

If you decide on a garden scooter with plastic tires, look for the tallest and fattest set, which increases the ease of movement over different terrain.

Four wheels on a rolling cart will also feel more stable than three-wheel carts that improve turning radius, so consider how much support you need while working versus how many turns you’ll be making and choose accordingly.

Height Adjustment

People aren’t one-size-fits-all, so neither should your rolling garden scooter.

Being able to customize the height of the seat to accommodate either different size people or work situations is critical for versatility and comfort.

Look for a seat that offers the most extensive range of height adjustment.

Warning: Don’t settle on a cart until you test the stability at each height setting. An eight-inch range of motion may seem impressive, but a seat that is wobbly when fully-extended could cause you to lose balance or tip the cart over.


Being able to steer your rolling garden cart is helpful to avoid having to physically pick it up or adjust it into a new direction as you work, which is a frustrating struggle.

Always test the steering handle, knob, or lever while sitting down, to see how well you can reach, turn, and roll the wheels while the cart is fully-weighted.

Durable Construction

Look for a rolling garden scooter with a weather-resistant finish like powder coating that helps deter rust and corrosion that ends up looking ugly and leads to failure.

A stainless steel frame will hold up better than plastic components, extending the life of your garden cart.

Check that every scooter component, from the tires to the hardware, is made of high-quality material that is thick, weather-resistant, and designed to support the weight of those who’ll use it.


Garden scooters with the most storage options offer more convenience during use since you can keep items like your phone or water bottle separate from your gardening tools.

Spacious under-seat trays, wire mesh baskets, and fabric pouches are standard storage options available. The more storage a rolling cart offers, the better.

Make sure any storage area is strong enough to hold bulky items without breaking or tearing.

Check the height between the bottom of the seat and under-seat trays since those that sit too closely will make it difficult for you to access the items inside while seated. A tight fit will also limit the amount and size of tools you can bring with you to work while gardening, which will be very frustrating.

A basket that is large enough to hold a bag of soil or some potted plants will be much more helpful than one that can only corral hand tools.

In Summary

Don’t strain to do gardening chores when you can alleviate pain and mobility issues by using a rolling garden scooter.

By taking what you learn in this guide, you can narrow down the perfect rolling garden cart that best suits your needs.

If you are unsure which rolling garden cart to buy, I recommend the Gorilla Carts GCG-RGS Rolling Garden Scooter. This model offers tremendous durability with all the bells and whistles that make it comfortable, versatile, and easy to operate.

If you prefer a more straightforward design, I suggest the Sunnydaze Rolling Garden Cart Scooter due to its affordable pricing and enough features to get the job done while saving stress on your body.

Using a rolling garden scooter is the secret to enjoyable days working in your yard and is a perfect gift to give yourself or that special person in your life who loves gardening!

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