5 Best Garden Sprayers For 2022


A garden sprayer makes watering and fertilizing your garden easier and with more control.

With better spraying control, you’re able to help your plants flourish without drowning them or overfeeding.

You will find our top picks for the best garden sprayers to buy this year in this guide.

Our garden sprayer reviews will help you avoid buying a sprayer that breaks easily or performs poorly. I also detail the things to watch out for and finish up by answering frequently asked questions.

Best Garden Sprayers

Solo 2-Gallon Farm And Garden Sprayer

Solo 430-2G 2-Gallon Farm and Garden Sprayer with Nozzle Tips for Multiple Spraying Needs

Top Features

  • 28″ unbreakable wand
  • Chemical resistant seals

Our Review

The Solo 430-2G Farm and Garden Sprayer features an unbreakable wand and commercial-quality nozzle that delivers dependable operation season after season.

The two-gallon tank features a wide funnel top, which helps avoid spills when filling the tank and makes it easier to clean. The pump handle is heavy-duty, which makes it more comfortable to grip and decreases the chance of breakage.

The commercial-grade wand features a shut-off and lock that reduces fatigue during use.

I like the storage compartment for the nozzles not in use, so they are handy if you want to change up the spray pattern in the middle of the job. You can attach a shoulder strap to the sprayer to free up your hand and further ease shoulder strain during use.


  • Long sprayer hose allows for more arm motion during use
  • Tank is made of UV-resistant, high-density polyethylene to resist cracks
  • Four nozzle options and handy on-board storage compartment to prevent loss
  • Viton seals prevent pressure or liquid release, which increases safety
  • Wide funnel opening is easier to fill and clean


  • Some customers report issues with non-functioning pressure relief valve
  • Not rated for use with acid-based solutions

Bottom Line

The Solo 430-2G 2-Gallon Farm and Garden Sprayer is a top selection for the design features that make this sprayer very user-friendly and versatile. This sprayer is best for homeowners that frequently need the use of a sprayer for cleaning outdoor furniture and for garden pest and weed control since it’s simple to fill and clean.

Chapin International All Purpose Hose-End Sprayer

Chapin International G362 Chapin Professional All Purpose Hose End Sprayer with Metering Dial for Fertilizer, Herbicides and Garden Pesticides, Translucent White

Top Features

  • Sprays up to 100 gallons
  • Built-in Anti-Siphon feature

Our Review

The Chapin International Hose-End Sprayer makes fertilizing your flowers and plants a breeze with continual water-flow that allows for up to 100 gallons of solution mix per fill.

The sprayer easily yet tightly screws onto any hose end so you can avoid the need to mix manually, pressurize, and carry around a free-standing garden sprayer. This small unit packs an impressive amount of features, from brass fittings, filter screen, spray deflector, and adjustable flow-rate dial.

I like the ability to set up to 16 mixing ratios, which takes the guesswork out of measuring the correct concentrate amount from the tank into the spray. Just push down on the lever for an even, clog-free spray pattern to cover the area you wish to treat.

An anti-siphon feature is also built-in to prevent the dangerous backflow of solution into your water supply.


  • Lightweight when full, yet readily mixes up an ample amount of solution
  • Strong materials and construction for long-term use
  • 16 mixing ratios for precise delivery of solution
  • Continual flow and adjustable spray pattern allows you to finish jobs faster
  • Anti-siphon feature and spray deflector increase operational safety


  • Brass may corrode over time
  • Some users report issues with leaks from the backflow, which could be a result of higher-than-average water pressure from the spigot

Bottom Line

I consider the Chapin International Hose-End Sprayer a great choice for garden hobbyists or homeowners who like the convenience of having a product that eliminates the need for mixing solutions by hand.

Roundup 2-Gallon Lawn and Garden Sprayer

Top Features

  • Includes 3 nozzles
  • Highly efficient pump requires 25% fewer strokes

Our Review

The Roundup Lawn and Garden Sprayer is an affordable option for home weed and pest control, cleaning, and general plant care in the garden.

The convenient two-gallon tank holds enough liquid to finish projects without being too heavy to carry. The sprayer is simple to assemble and operate; fill, pump, and spray. The handy pressure release cap safely emits the air and vapors inside the canister so you can easily open the top.

I like the effective pump design that requires fewer strokes than other sprayers to reach optimal pressure, saving time and stress on your arms. The three spray nozzles, comfortable handle grip, and lockable spraying feature are other highlights that need mention.


  • Metal wand won’t crack and features a lock to spray continually
  • Builds ample spray pressure to reach and complete most tasks
  • Efficient pump design requires less effort to pressurize
  • Three nozzle designs so you can adjust the spray output to your project
  • High-quality seals won’t crack or shrink, which prevents air leaks


  • Sprayer can malfunction if not cleaned properly after use
  • Spray stream may not reach far enough for some tasks

Bottom Line

I give the Roundup Lawn and Garden Sprayer a top spot for delivering reliable results at a great price point. This model is best for homeowners who only sporadically need a sprayer or who can afford one to keep for pesticides and one for water or cleaners.

Instapark Battery Operated Sprayer Hand Bottle

Instapark Battery Operated Sprayer Hand Bottle for Gardening, Cleaning & Multi-Purpose Use Spraying 1-Liter

Top Features

  • Adjustable spray nozzle
  • Rechargeable battery

Our Review

The Instapark Battery Operated Sprayer Hand Bottle is the one to turn to when you want the precision of a hand-sprayer without the hand fatigue a squeeze trigger can cause.

This sprayer’s updated design features a rechargeable battery that uses a micro-USB charging port and cable, which is environmentally-friendly since it eliminates the waste of using throwaway batteries.

I like the adjustable nozzle that allows the flow to vary between a thin stream or a fine mist, which is ideal for tending to delicate indoor and outdoor plants. The sprayer has a simple push-button operation that will spray water continuously until you want it to stop.


  • Lightweight, even when full so it’s easy to carry and use
  • Battery operation means no need to squeeze the trigger continually
  • Adjustable nozzle allows you to fine-tune the spray to suit your job
  • Ideal for people with physical limitations like arthritis or carpal tunnel
  • Portable, no hose or bulky tank to carry along


  • Only made to dispense water and not for mixing chemicals
  • Does not come with charger, only the cable to connect to a USB charger

Bottom Line

The Instapark Battery-operated Sprayer Hand Bottle is a top choice for homeowners who have extensive indoor potted plants to tend to, or those who have a hard time physically squeezing a trigger-style spray bottle.

Ortho Dial N Spray Multi-Use Hose-End Sprayer

Ortho Dial N Spray Hose-End Sprayer for Liquid Weed and Insect Killer, Fungicide, Fertilizer with 14 Dilution Settings

Top Features

  • 14 dial settings
  • Direct-connect design

Our Review

The Ortho Dial N Spray Multi-Use Hose-End Sprayer features an ergonomic design and extended handle that increases ease-of-use while tending to your garden.

The bottle uses a direct-connect design, which makes it easy to attach the compatible Ortho concentrate bottles. Once you connect your container, you can adjust the nozzle to create three different flow patterns to complete your task efficiently.

I like that you can set the flow of concentrate to any of the 14 choices on the dial, so the fluid automatically mixes to the ratio you desire. The concentrate solution will feed reliably from the tank through well-engineered tubing and fittings.


  • Very affordable in comparison to other hose-end sprayers
  • Large adjustment dial is easy to turn and read
  • Easy to swap out between fertilizers, cleaners, or pesticides
  • Automatically feeds the correct amount of solution, which reduces accidental damage to plants
  • Long-lasting materials and construction for years of use


  • Must use with Ortho concentrate bottles or jugs
  • Prongs may be too wide to grab onto very small weeds

Bottom Line

The Ortho Dial N Spray Multi-Use Hose-End Sprayer deserves the high marks it receives from customers because it consistently delivers the results you expect, without clogs or leaks. This garden sprayer is best for homeowners with extensive landscaping or gardens who need a quick way to switch out between formulations.

Do You Really Need A Garden Sprayer?

Garden sprayers are an indispensable tool when it comes to keeping your plants and home looking attractive.

I find I turn to my garden sprayer more often than I initially thought to handle all of these tasks:

  • To grow healthy flowers, shrubs, and vegetables
    A garden sprayer quickly and efficiently spreads liquid fertilizer, fungicides, or pesticides across all your different plants. The sprayer nozzle can be adjusted to pinpoint only specific plants, or you can spray a large area at once.
  • To clean decks, outdoor furniture, and siding
    Pump and hose-end sprayers can create enough pressure to break up debris, while additional cleaners added to the solution help lift dirt and discoloration from the surface to quickly clean outdoor areas and furniture.

    A garden sprayer is also convenient to use a mild oxygen bleach or a vinegar solution to remove algae growth from siding and walkways. Using a sprayer won’t damage vinyl, wood, or cement board siding like a high-power pressure washer could.
  • To clean vehicles
    Washing a car by hand or dragging out the pressure washer can be a hassle. Using a garden sprayer, especially if it comes with a foaming spray nozzle, is ideal for washing and rinsing cars, boats, RVs, trucks, ATVs, or other vehicles faster and more effectively.
  • To control pests around the home and garden
    A garden sprayer is the best way to accurately direct a stream of insecticide around the perimeter of your home’s foundations, windows, and doors to keep bugs out.

    For the garden, you can adjust the spray to more of a mist to coat foliage so bugs and critters won’t chew up the leaves.
  • To control weeds
    A garden sprayer in tandem with a herbicide solution is the stress-free way to rid your home’s walkways, driveways, and lawns of weeds. By adjusting the nozzle, you can pinpoint random weeds or set it to treat a large area.

Things To Watch Out For

Buying a cheap garden sprayer most likely means having to replace it every year, which can be frustrating and expensive!

The answer to this problem is to invest in a high-quality garden sprayer that provides you with reliable operation season after season.

These are the things you need to watch out for before buying a garden sprayer:


A garden sprayer tank, handle, and levers should be of high-density plastic or propylene that can withstand pressure and exposure to UV rays and different chemicals without cracking.

Hose and sprayer components need to turn, filter, suction, and spray without jamming, forming corrosion, or clogging up. Look for quality metals, gaskets, and parts that aren’t flimsy and prone to bend, break, or leak during use.


The weight, balance, and shape of a garden sprayer should reduce muscle strain while operating the unit. Long sprayer handles and hoses give you more reach and range of motion as you work.

Hose-end sprayers should fit comfortably in your hand without needing excessive grip or bending of the wrist to control the spray. Spray nozzles and pressure relief valves should disperse from the tank in a safe direction and manner.


For the most versatility, look for a garden sprayer that can work with all types of chemicals without clogging or melting internal components.

Read the packaging carefully, since some garden sprayers are only for use with water or safe chemicals and not for certain liquids, especially those containing acid.

Warning: Use extreme caution when using a sprayer back-to-back with different chemicals. Even with the best washing, there could be a residue left inside that could form a chemical reaction and release harmful fumes. It’s best to use separate garden sprayers to avoid such issues.

Garden Sprayer FAQs

Who Makes The Best Garden Sprayer?

The best garden sprayers come from companies specializing in the garden, pest control, or fertilization sector.

These companies need to create sprayers that can hold up to commercial usage in terms of not only pressure-ratings but sprayer precision and material upkeep.

When they sell their products on the retail market, they tend to retain the same high standards they bring to their commercial-grade sprayers.

You can expect good quality when you see names like:

  • Chapin
  • Field King
  • Ortho
  • Round Up
  • Smith

How Far Will A Pump Sprayer Spray?

Expect a pump sprayer to send a stream of fluid anywhere from five feet on up to 30 feet or more. The type of sprayer, size of hose, and shape of the nozzle will add distance.

The biggest factor that determines how far a sprayer will shoot is the amount of pressure you can build inside the canister by pumping the handle. The stronger you are, the more pressure you can build by forcing down and locking in the handle.

How Much Pressure Can A Garden Sprayer Hold?

The average garden sprayer builds pressure between 20 and 45 PSI, but each brand is different, and some go lower and higher.

The pressure rating is something that many people overlook when shopping for a garden sprayer.

If you need the spray to reach long distances, you will need a sprayer that can withstand a lot of internal pressure without blowing out the seams or gaskets.

Never over-pressurize a sprayer since it could break a tank or cover apart or create stress to components that, over time, will eventually fail.

Do Garden Sprayers Need To Be Cleaned?

Yes, even if you only use water in your garden sprayer, you must clean the unit regularly to avoid mineral deposit build-up that can clog the tubing.

Another reason to clean the sprayer is to avoid cross-contamination of chemicals that could be dangerous, especially if different members of a household use the sprayer. When unsure, always clean a garden sprayer before and after use.

In Summary

The best garden sprayer delivers consistent, clog-free results even after months of use. When you want one tool to clear weeds, deter pests, feed your plants, and wash your cars and outdoor furniture, a garden sprayer is an affordable solution.

If you’re on the fence about which product is best for your needs, I suggest the Solo 2-Gallon Farm and Garden Sprayer for the long hose, unbreakable wand, array of nozzles, and commercial-grade components.

When you want to disperse fertilizers and other chemicals quickly, Ortho Dial N Spray Multi-Use Hose-End Sprayer, with its quick-connect tank fitting, is an excellent choice for avid gardeners.

Don’t underestimate the benefits any of these best garden sprayers can offer when you want a fast, reliable way to tackle projects around your home and garden!

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