Best Garden Tote Bag & Tool Caddies Of 2023


Are you fed up with searching for your garden tools? Are you tired of dropping or juggling an armload of supplies as you move about your yard?

End the frustration by buying a garden tote bag set, which includes not only many of the gardening implements you use regularly, but a bag to carry and store them safely as well.

The best garden tote bags combine the highest-quality materials, convenience in design, and a useful array of tools all at a good value. In this guide, I help you narrow down which set is best by reviewing seven garden tote bag sets.

Top 7 Best Garden Tote Bag Sets

Best Overall

Scuddles Garden Tote Organizer With Tools Set

Scuddles Garden Tools Set - 8 Piece Heavy Duty Gardening Kit With Storage Organizer, Ergonomic Hand Digging Weeder Rake Shovel Trowel Sprayer Gloves Gift for Men Or Women

Reasons To Buy

  • Carry straps are easy on the hands
  • Durable construction top to bottom
  • Lightweight, functional, and attractive
  • Fits many sizes of tools and supplies
  • Affordable and makes a great gift

Reasons To Avoid

  • Gloves are not waterproof
  • Tools are basic, may not work for very serious gardeners

The Scuddles toolset and organizer comes complete with eight convenient tools so you can grab the bag and get gardening right away.

I like the new upgraded, anti-rust, stainless steel, wood-handle planting tools that can withstand heavy use and are comfortable to use.

Another bonus is the gardening gloves that protect your hands, provide a non-slip grip, and are hand washable.

The tote bag offers extra pockets to hold even more gardening gear, as well as your cell phone and sunglasses. The washable polyester material is thick and durable.

This model gives attention to the design and construction details, like reinforcements at weak points, so your tools won’t rip the pockets or tear the fabric.

This Scuddles Garden Tools Set is one of my top picks because there is so much functionality in the bag’s design, the materials and stitching are strong, and the price point puts it within reach of just about anyone.


Sleek Garden Gardening Tote Bag Set

8-Piece Gardening Tool Set-Includes EZ-Cut Pruners, Lightweight Aluminum Hand Tools with Soft Rubber Handles- Trowel, Bamboo Gloves, Garden Tote, High Density Comfort Knee Pad Gardening Gifts Tool Set

Reasons To Buy

  • Hand tools are very comfortable and won’t slip
  • Gloves are breathable, yet offer a rubber grip for protection
  • The bag has ample pockets
  • Knee pad provides extra protection and comfort
  • Durable and for the quality of the tools/accessories the price is outstanding

Reasons To Avoid

  • The bag handle is short, which can be awkward to carry when full of tools
  • The size of the large pouch is rather long and narrow, making it hard to see items at the bottom
  • The light color of the pockets highlight dirt

The Sleek Garden Tool Set includes the extra tools avid gardeners will appreciate like pruners, a kneeling pad, and a trowel with measurements on the blade so you plant seeds or bulbs at the perfect depth.

I find the quality of the rust-resistant aluminum and steel used for the trowels and pruners impressive.

The handles beat the competition when it comes to comfort. Each tool has balance, and the soft rubber grip prevents slips.

The bamboo gloves fit snugly, which is a nice touch when handling plants or pulling weeds.

The bag features thick canvas material, with plenty of pockets to hold tools.

The top of the bag has a velcro closure to keep debris out and tool inside while in storage.

I give the Sleek Garden Tool Set a spot on my best gardening toolkit list for the high-quality tools that include handles that won’t fatigue your hands after hours in the garden. The tools include the pad, pruners, and marked trowel which serious gardeners will really appreciate.

Best Bang For Your Buck

Picnic Plus Deluxe Garden Organizer

9 Piece Deluxe Garden Tote with Stool, Kneeling Pad and 5 Metal Garden Tools April Cornell Floribunda Design by Picnic Plus

Reasons To Buy

  • Stylish pattern and functional design
  • Durable construction and long-lasting quality
  • Long handles mean you can shoulder carry the bag (without the stool)
  • Handy and plentiful pocket configuration

Reasons To Avoid

  • Pricey
  • Print may not suit everyone’s taste

The Picnic Plus Deluxe Garden Tote has the highest price tag, but also comes with the most goodies inside a tote that is cheerful and well-designed.

The two long handles and open upper sides mean you can fit all your supplies inside and still carry it with comfort.

The tote set comes with five metal hand tools, a mister, a kneeling pad, and a fold-out garden stool, so you have all the equipment you need to tend to your garden and take a rest break without having to sit down in the grass or dirt.

I love the ample pockets and find the bright pattern is not only fun but keeps it from blending into the background, so you never misplace it.

The laminated exterior is easy to wipe clean, so the bag looks new even after months of use.

The Picnic Plus Deluxe Garden Tote lands on the list because of the well-thought-out shape and style, plus the colorful floral print that makes gardening a bit more fun. Buy one for yourself or make it the perfect gift for the stylish gardener in your life.

Best For Long Tools

Vremi Garden Tote With Tools Set

Vremi 9 Piece Garden Tools Set - Gardening Tools with Garden Gloves and Garden Tote - Gardening Gifts Tool Set with Garden Trowel Pruners and More - Vegetable Herb Garden Hand Tools with Storage Tote

Reasons To Buy

  • Steel and aluminum material won’t rust
  • Handle is soft and has a comfortable shape
  • Bag color is unisex
  • Bag is very durable and provides ample storage of tools

Reasons To Avoid

  • Gloves are loose and very basic
  • Included tools may break with heavy use

The Vremi garden tool set features all the tools necessary to get started in the garden at a rock-bottom price.

The metal hand tools are rust-resistant aluminum and stainless steel with a soft rubber handle that fits nicely in any size hand, even kids.

The storage caddy keeps all your equipment secure, with elastic loops to prevent more lengthy tools from falling out.

This storage bag features a heavy-duty material that should hold up to years of use without tears.

There are enough pockets to hold all your supplies, with the spacious inner pocket perfect for toting flowers you need to plant.

The Vremi Garden Tools Set with Storage Tote makes the cut due to the very affordable price and the nice array of tools that come with the set. While the hand tools are not of the highest quality, they perform well for light gardening chores, and the tote makes keeping them all organized a breeze.

Best Design

Picnic At Ascot Gardening Tote

Picnic at Ascot 341-F USA 3 Stainless Steel Tools-Designed & Assembled in, One Size, Floral

Reasons To Buy

  • Bag has a great shape and plenty of pockets
  • Durable construction and PVC-free material
  • Tools are excellent quality
  • Size is ideal for easy transport

Reasons To Avoid

  • Comes with only three tools
  • Pockets do not go all the way around the bag

The Picnic at Ascot Gardening Tote gets high marks for design when it comes to an easy-to-use garden tote to carry all your tools and supplies.

I find the length of the handles and size of the inner pouch very user-friendly. Easy to carry even after placing two or three pots of plants inside.

Use the pockets to hold tools and other supplies with no fear of them falling out.

The construction is durable, with thick cotton canvas in a color that hides dirt. The base of the bag is reinforced to stand upright when you place it on the ground.

The three tools that come with this set are stainless steel, with a grip shape that fits comfortably in hand.

The Picnic at Ascot Gardening Tote lands on the list due mainly to the great unisex color, the thick fabric that can withstand heavy use, and the wonderful design. I really like how this bag stays upright and open to make it easy to see and reach any supplies inside.

Best Alternative Design

California Picnic Garden Tote Set

Garden Tool Set | Garden Tools Kit | Gardening Gloves | 9 Piece Garden Tool Set | Digging Claw Gardening Gloves Gardening Gifts Tool Set | Planting Tools | Gardening Supplies Basket | Rake Gloves

Reasons To Buy

  • Complete bag and toolset covers most gardener’s needs
  • Durable material and construction of both tools and tote
  • Gardening gloves become an extra tool
  • Easy to carry and the color hides dirt

Reasons To Avoid

  • The single handle gets in the way when you want access to the center pouch
  • Total dimensions inside may be too small to fit larger supplies
  • Claw glove is only for right-handers

The Califonia Picnic garden tool tote set features all the essential garden tools, plus some interesting, yet highly functional garden gloves.

Reviewing this set is the first time I tried gardening gloves with protective fingertips. The ends of these gloves keep sharp thorns from poking you while you prune rose bushes or citrus shrubs.

The right-hand glove has additional “claws” that let you use your hand to dig, gather debris, or loosen up the topsoil.

The reliable aluminum tools are rust-resistant and offer comfort-designed handles to lessen arm and hand fatigue during use.

The tote’s heavy-duty fabric is thick enough to withstand lots of wear and exposure to sharp tools. The pockets hold your tools securely.

The California Picnic garden tool set makes my list due to the full range of garden tools and the really convenient glove with claws that make it safe to use just your hand to handle many chores. While I am not a fan of the storage tote’s design, it does do the job and the quality is good.

Best Bucket Tool Organizer

Bucket Boss Garden Boss Bucket Tool Organizer

Bucket Boss - Garden Boss Bucket Tool Organizer (Fits 5 Gallon Bucket), Bucket Organization (GB20010)

Reasons To Buy

  • Versatile design works for gardening supplies, crafting, or construction projects
  • Durable stitching and fabric
  • Adjustable strap allows use on smaller or larger bucket diameters
  • Plenty of good-size pockets
  • Can remove and store the organizer flat so it takes up less space

Reasons To Avoid

  • Price seems high for just an organizer without tools
  • You need to carry the organizer by the handle of a bucket, which isn’t very comfortable
  • Strap hard to tighten fully, so tote may slip down the bucket

The Bucket Boss Garden Tool Organizer provides many handy features other garden totes miss, even if no tools come with the item.

The organizer is made to fit securely around a five-gallon bucket. The full-circle pockets hold garden tools and more. I love the clip that you can use to keep your gloves, a rag, or a bag of snacks quickly accessible.

The organizer bag is made with top-notch quality material and stitching so you can be confident it will last for years. I love being able to carry all sorts of items, even wet plants, inside the bucket without making a mess.

The Bucket Boss Garden Tool Organizer is a great option for those who like the sturdiness and size of a five-gallon bucket to hold wet, large, or dirty gardening supplies. For this reason, I put it on the list of best garden tote sets along with the nice array of pockets and made-to-last construction.

Do You Really Need A Garden Tote Bag Set?

Sometimes a gardening apron can’t hold all the tools you need, so using a garden tote bag set can solve this problem.

best garden tool caddies

To see what I mean, check out my guide on the best gardening aprons here.

Garden tool tote sets:

  • Corral all your tools and supplies in one place
  • Make moving your tools between areas easy
  • Helps prevent misplaced or lost tools
  • Keeps larger tools on hand
  • Provides protection so tools last longer
  • Make the purchasing process simple, since garden tools come with the tote

As you can see, owning a garden tote and toolset can streamline your gardening chores by keeping you more organized. Quit searching for tools spread out between your shed, garage, patio, vegetable garden, or potting area.

Buying a garden tote set means you can instantly have everything you need, from different gardening tools, storage/carry bag, and extra pocket space for other essentials like your sunglasses, hat, or cell phone.

I love my gardening apron, but most days, I also utilize my garden tool tote set. I keep all my tools inside my tote, so I can be sure I have what I need, without having to stop what I’m doing to run for a tool I forgot.

Things To Watch Out For

Before you purchase any garden tote bag, you need to watch out for these features below.

Durability of materials

The Tote

A garden tool tote bag needs to be from the most durable fabrics like heavy canvas or tough nylon and polyester. Many totes come with a water-resistant coating or laminate over the surface for easier cleaning.

Look for material that can withstand the weight and sharpness of garden tools without tearing. The fabric also needs to move with you and not be too stiff.

The Tools

The tools inside your garden tote set should be more than decoration. Each device should be functional, rust-resistant, and fit in hand comfortably.

Look for cushion grips that cover ergonomically-shaped handles so your hands won’t slip, and your arms experience less fatigue.

Blades or tines should be of heavy-duty steel or aluminum that won’t crack under the stress of typical gardening tasks.


The shape of your tote makes a big difference when it comes to packing up your garden implements and bringing them to your worksite.

A wider, longer tote will have an inner pouch that can hold power tools, bags of fertilizer, large clippers, or even your drinks.

Many totes have enough external pockets to hold the necessary tools, but the size and shape of the large pouch may be hard to access, too narrow to see what’s at the bottom, or too small to hold the items you want.

Digging for your supplies is aggravating, so make sure you consider the overall shape of the bag before you make a purchase you’ll regret later.

Number and size of pockets

The more pockets on the outside of your garden tote, the better. You’ll find that extra pockets mean more organization of other items, like your cellphone, that you wish to keep nearby, but out of the elements.

While one large pouch can hold all your implements, imagine all the time you’ll waste groping about to find the tool you need.

Keeping all implements in the outer pocket keeps them at the ready, so you can spot just the item you need right away.

The size and depth of pockets are crucial.

You can have fifteen pockets, but if all your tools keep falling out when you carry the bag, what’s the point?

Look for an array of pocket sizes, and extras like clips for gloves and elastics to hold taller tools securely.


Before you invest in a garden tool tote set, take a look at the little details that can make or break the durability of the tote and tools.

Reinforcement at all stress points like bar tacks, serging, box, or double stitching will keep pockets from tearing or handles from popping off.

On your tools, look for rivets and metal caps that add strength where the handle meets the metal tool head. Rubber or cushioning on grips should be thick, so you can use the tool often without it cracking or pulling loose.

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