Best Gardening Aprons To Buy In 2022


Are you tired of ruining your clothes while gardening?

Protecting your clothes is easy when you wear a gardening apron. Garden aprons come in a wide range of styles, but some will suit your gardening projects better than others.

So how do you know which gardening apron to buy?

If I had to pick one apron from my top five list, I would recommend the Parva Garden full-body gardening apron with pockets. I like the sturdiness of the material, clothing coverage, large pockets, and the velcro chest pocket perfect for keeping your phone handy.

Follow this helpful guide, where I review the top five best aprons for gardening. I also discuss why you need to wear one, things to watch out for, and answer frequently asked questions.

By the end, you’ll have the knowledge you need to purchase the perfect style apron to upgrade your gardening experience!

Best Gardening Aprons

Roo Garden Apron – The Joey

The Roo Joey Apron Gardening Apron with Pockets and Harvesting, Picking Pouch - Adjustable, Water-resistant, Washable Canvas Cotton - Great Gardener Gift

Our Review

The Joey Apron by Roo Garden is a garden apron that is a wonderful tool when you want to use both hands to harvest your fruits and vegetables.

The inside of the pouch features built-in pockets to hold garden tools, while the large main bag can keep bigger tools or a generous quantity of produce from your garden.

See our best garden tote bags reviews for more portable storage space.

A simple, yet clever bottom release mechanism on the pouch makes quick work of emptying your harvest into bins or the sink for washing.

Made of industrial-strength cotton canvas that is machine washable and comes in a gorgeous purple color that’s easy to spot if you lay it down in your garden, shed, or home.


  • Large pouch has a water-resistant liner to keep you dry while working
  • Adjustable waist strap fits most sizes comfortably
  • Lightweight
  • Machine washable
  • Ideal for harvesting small crops or pulling weeds


  • Pouch sags down/out when bending and items could fall out
  • When full, the pouch can be heavy, making walking awkward

Bottom Line

I really like this Roo Garden Joey pouch apron because it makes it so simple to collect a variety of vegetables or work through your planter beds to remove weeds. This garden apron makes the list for those looking for a dual-purpose tool-holding apron/collection pouch.

Canvas Garden Tool Apron by MyDays

MYDAYS Gardening Apron,Canvas Work Tool Aprons,Garden Harvesting Apron for Lawn & Garden & Yard

Our Review

The MyDays Garden Apron is the perfect solution for those looking for a functional gardening apron that features a fun cactus pattern on the pockets that looks cute!

Thick waxed-canvas fabric will stand up to the rigors of most gardening projects, and the padded shoulder straps alleviate them from rubbing on the back of the neck.

I appreciate the assortment of pockets available within easy reach that can hold gardening necessities, yet also works well for other tasks like cooking, crafting, cleaning, or carpentry.


  • Straps and sizing adjust to fit most men and women
  • 14 pockets to fit a wide assortment of tools and necessities
  • Padded shoulder straps increase comfort
  • Waxed canvas material repels water


  • Hard to keep pockets clean
  • Shoulder straps are not adjustable, so they can slip off people with smaller frames
  • Light color shows dirt quickly

Bottom Line

I give the MyDays Garden Apron a spot on my top five because the design is convenient, comfortable, affordable, and the pattern adds a fun touch while working in the garden.

Parva Garden Gardening Apron With Pockets For Women

Gardening Apron with Pockets for Women - Work or Utility Apron, Artist Smock, Harvesting Apron - Gardening Gifts for Women (Medium, Green)

Our Review

The Parva Garden Apron is marketed for women, but the color and design is unisex in my opinion.

The material is lightweight and water-resistant, so your clothes stay dry while moving comfortably through gardening chores. The color hides a lot of dirt, but when you need to clean it, toss it in the washer and dryer without worry of damage.

The apron gives full chest coverage and carries down over the thighs, so clothing stays much cleaner. Deep pockets hold tools and supplies securely and are easy to access without having to look down. Grommets provide additional reinforcement at the top of each pocket to prevent tears from heavy tools.


  • Deep pockets that are also easy to clean
  • Great color for hiding dirt
  • Wide chest coverage to keep clothes cleaner
  • Velcro chest pocket keeps item secure while bending over


  • The price
  • May not offer enough pockets for some gardening tasks
  • Straps may slip loose if not set securely

Bottom Line

The Parva Garden Apron is one of my favorites for those who want a basic, full-coverage apron that offers long-lasting quality construction and material at a reasonable price.

Oxford Cloth Garden Apron by XT

xt Oxford Cloth Work Apron Garden Apron for Home Garden Waterproof Apron with Tool Pockets

Our Review

The Oxford Cloth Garden Apron is a boon for those who love to carry as many supplies as possible while handling garden tasks.

The apron is made of durable Oxford cloth with a waterproof inner layer to ensure your clothes stay dry. You can organize tools, seeds, and more in any of the 14 pockets so you can save time by having all you need at your fingertips.

I like how adjustable the straps are, so one apron can fit just about any size family member. I also like the additional loops so that I can pop in a small hammer or other tools for quick access.


  • Adjustable straps stay secure on any size frame
  • Durable, reinforced construction
  • Plentiful pockets


  • Fabric doesn’t breathe
  • Chest coverage is less wide than other aprons
  • Hard to bend/move if lower pockets are full

Bottom Line

The Oxford Cloth Garden Apron makes the list for the sheer quantity of pockets in combination with great design and construction. This apron can work well for crafters, hairdressers, artists, and cooks as well as for gardening.

Zenport Harvest Apple Citrus Agrikon Fruit Picking Bag

Zenport, 65-Pound, Harvest Apple/Citrus AG412 Agrikon Fruit Picking Bag

Our Review

The Zenport AG412 Agrikon Fruit Picking Bag is a super sturdy option for those who have lots of fruits or vegetables to harvest.

The nylon fabric resists wear and tear, and softshell design protects even delicate fruit, which reduces bruising.

The large rivet-enforced pouch carries the weight of the produce up higher across the chest/waist area, which helps reduce back strain and keeps your arm motion uninhibited.

The lower bag opening folds up and clips into place securely, so you never have to worry about your produce accidentally falling out while working.

When it’s time to empty the apron, unlatch the clips and let the produce release out the bottom, which saves time.


  • Extremely durable construction
  • Holds up to 65 pounds of produce
  • Convenient and easy-to-use bottom release
  • Deep pouch keeps items from falling out while working


  • Offers chest coverage, but is made for collecting produce, not for general gardening tasks
  • Only one shoulder strap means it may rub on your neck
  • May be too large/heavy for some people

Bottom Line

The Zenport Agrikon Fruit Picking Bag lands on the list due to the extremely durable construction that makes this model cost-effective since you’ll be using it for many years. For those who need an apron just for collecting fruits and vegetables, this could be the one for you.

Do You Really Need A Gardening Apron?

If you don’t mind ruining your clothes, you can forgo a gardening apron.

Wearing an apron while gardening is a lifesaver for the rest of us who prefer to stay clean, protected, and save money as we follow our passion for gardening.

Keeping all your tools and supplies in an apron keeps your hands free to:

  • Pull weeds
  • Plant flowers
  • Mix fertilizer
  • Collect yard debris
  • Answer your cell phone
  • Harvest fruits and vegetables

Using your pants pockets to hold various gardening tools can be dangerous. Sharp-edge pruners can tear through the material and poke into your skin, leaving you with possible abrasions and clothes that will need mending.

Gardening apron pockets are made to hold garden implements without tearing, poking through, or falling out so you can work through all your chores with no worry.

Aprons allow you to keep your tools and supplies together as you move around your property. No more lost items or hassle of trying to hand-carry numerous tools and supplies back to your gardening shed.

Aprons can also protect your clothing from contact with fertilizers or pesticides that you can track into your home.

Most garden aprons feature a waterproof or water-resistant material that alleviates the worry your shirt or pants will get damp while watering plants or working with wet soil.

Gardening aprons are for more than just yard work. The multipurpose garment is perfect for home improvement chores, art projects, and more.

Things To Watch Out For

Before you purchase a gardening apron, you need to watch out for the following things.


The material of your garden apron is critical. Gardening can be a dirty, wet, rough job that requires a tough fabric treated to withstand moisture.

If you buy a cheap apron made of inferior fabric, expect to pay for a replacement every year, which is a costly aggravation.

Look for thick material that moves and breathes like denim and canvas. Wax or chemical coatings will keep water from penetrating the cloth, so your clothes and skin stay dry.


The color of your garden apron is a personal choice, but if you want to look neat while working in your yard, choose tan, brown, or darker shade of color that won’t show as much dirt.

Reducing the number of times you put your apron through the laundry will extend its lifespan, so staying away from light or absorbent fabrics is best.

A fun gardening apron pattern is a fun way to show off your personality, so don’t be afraid to pick up an apron with a quirky design if it makes you happy.


A garden apron with pockets is a must.

If you haul about a lot of small items, look for an apron with a multitude of pockets.

If you tend to use only use a few tools, get an apron with two or three large pockets that can hold a variety of items.

Need help holding fruits or vegetables during harvest season? Invest in an apron with a bottom-release, large pouch to carry then empty produce in a single trip.

Pocket quantity is a personal preference. Too many can be frustrating as you search about for your items, while too few may not be enough to hold supplies.


The shape and style of your gardening apron will determine function, protection, and maneuverability.

Full-body aprons tie around the neck, cover most of the chest and wrap around the hips with a flap that hangs to around mid-thigh.

Full-body gardening aprons protect your clothing better but can be challenging to wear if you do a lot of bending or getting down on your knees because the extra material can get in the way.

Waist aprons (also known as gardening belts) are long or short skirt-style aprons that tie around the waist. This style of apron won’t protect your upper body from dirt but will keep tools handy.

If squatting or kneeling is necessary, look for a split-front apron. The fabric opens up, so there is no restriction in your leg movements as you kneel or bend.

Gardening smocks cover the chest and waist area. This style is ideal for those who want quick access to tools, or a pouch to place produce.

A smock-style apron will keep your upper body clean, without restricting lower body movement.

Straps Ties And Closures

Adjustable straps are key to getting a good fit over any type of clothing and means the apron can fit people of many sizes.

Padded straps that go over shoulders or around the neck increase comfort.

Apron string ties that are too thin will break or bite into your skin. Ties that are too wide will be hard to tie up and stay in place.

Look for heavy-duty closures, whether they be velcro, metal hooks, or plastic clips. The functionality of an otherwise excellent garden apron can be ruined if vital closures fail.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Clean A Gardening Apron?

A quality garden apron should be easy to clean when it gets too dirty to wear.

A water-repellent fabric coating can make spot cleaning a breeze. Once your apron gets too dirty for comfort, it should be durable to go through a cycle in your washing machine with no damage.

Material like polyester, denim, nylon, and polyethylene should wash up nicely.

Check the label on each gardening apron and find one you can machine wash and dry, which means you can get back to gardening sooner.

How Do You Store An Apron?

When possible, store your gardening apron indoors to protect the fabric from damaging sunlight, rain, or insects.

A gardening shed is an excellent place to hang your apron, especially one that allows for good air circulation, which will dry up any damp dirt that collects on your apron.

Bugs and spiders can hide or nest inside the pockets of your apron, so be sure to spray for insects to keep them out of your storage shed.

Consider spraying a new layer of water-repellent fabric treatment, such as Scotchgard Water and Sun Shield on Amazon, on your apron at the beginning of each season to keep it in tip-top condition.

When Should I Buy A New Apron For Gardening?

Any type of clothing that is worn and “broken-in” over time is much more comfortable to wear, and this holds for your gardening apron. A quality gardening apron should last for many years before needing replacement.

Replace your garden apron when it:

  • Tears
  • Becomes too stiff or filthy to wear
  • Doesn’t work for your current gardening style

Sometimes the shape and style of an apron aren’t working for your current gardening projects. Don’t suffer through wearing an apron that doesn’t work for you. Buy a new one that suits your current needs.

In Summary

Keeping clothes clean and tools organized while working in the garden is the reason you need to purchase the best garden apron with pockets you can find. The right apron can transform your gardening experience for the better.

No matter which model you choose from these top five best gardening aprons, you’ll find the perfect solution that’ll keep you gardening in comfort and style!

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